Trust your employees’ future to Ifrah.

Ifrah Financial Services is one of the area’s leading financial planning and investment management firms. Our primary focus is retirement planning, so your employees will receive the benefit of our many years of experience.

Through our affiliation with Vanguard Retirement Plan Access, Ifrah Financial is able to offer our clients high-quality, cost-effective retirement plans for their employees.

Our experts will introduce the plan to your employees, then work to maintain and increase participation. Your responsibilities will be clearly outlined and flexible enough so that you can maintain as much or as little control as you’d like.

By partnering with Ifrah, you are offering your employees access to the expertise and services of a Registered Investment Advisor and access to Certified Financial Planners®. This important opportunity might otherwise never have been available to them.

Forbes magazine agrees. In June 2013, 16 Vanguard ETFs® made Forbes’ list of best ETFs for investors.

Best of all, these well-regarded funds come at a much lower cost. Vanguard funds consistently cost as little as one-fifth the industry average. Why?

Well, Vanguard isn’t your typical investment company. Every investor is a client- owner. Your employees will own the funds. And those funds own Vanguard. So with no stockholders or outside owners to answer to, the funds run at cost. The end result is that you and your employees will get to keep more of the returns.

A benefit for you…and your employees.

A 401k Plan allows you and your employees to share in the funding of a retirement savings plan. Your employees determine how much they want to save for their retirement and you determine how much you’ll contribute. The benefits are substantial, including:

  • Low initial setup costs
  • Low internal costs
  • Tax deduction on contributions and administrative costs
  • Excellent recruitment tool for new employees
  • Fee and information transparency
  • Our plans are proven to pass compliance testing

Your employees will enjoy:

  • Control over their retirement
  • Tax-deferred growth of retirement funds
  • Age-based investment options
  • Customizable portfolios
  • Low internal fees
  • Access to Certified Financial Planners®
  • Easy-to-use online account access

Get started.

Once you decide to establish a 401k with Ifrah, most of your work is done. You’ll then get a complete turnkey package of services, which requires minimal involvement on your part. You – and your employees – will get the coordinated benefit of highly specialized, trained professionals. All backed by two trusted industry names – Ifrah Financial and Vanguard Investments.